The Rivers of Babylon

By the Rivers of Babylon I sit and weep for
      another home
      another time
There on the tree I hang my guitar

My tormentors bid me to sing their song
Hate filled young men with bitter eyes and rifles and assault weapons
Popular politicians who profess to be hunting with rifles 
and assault weapons for those who oppose their beliefs 
Men and women who storm the bastions of the republic 
and seek out their opposition for torture and hangings
Men and women who are thrilled to believe any fact other than the truth

What song can I sing to these prompts?

I cannot forget a softer thought
I cannot forget thoughts of a simpler way 
I cannot forget a universal solidarity that flames for an instance 
and then is carried off by the winds of discontent

I’ll save my songs for a smaller gathering of gentler souls
Who don’t need to agree
Who coexist peacefully with differences on display

I was not captured and taken to the rivers of Babylon.   	

Those rivers came to me

By Jan Kraus

Inspired by Psalm 137

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