Email for receipt of comments/wordpress notifications

I have paid for the lowest level of WordPress account. I have several email addresses but currently only one active website,

I wanted the emails from comments, followers to go to the corresponding email account, but the only way I could find to specify that was to actually change the email on my WordPress account itself.

WARNING. I NOW HAVE TO LOGIN TO, to access my WordPress account. I suspect I would have to upgrade to a higher level of WordPress or buy email support through WordPress to maintain separate emails for each web site I create? Maybe I’m wrong about that but if there is another way I have not found it.

3 responses to “Email for receipt of comments/wordpress notifications”

    • This is an interesting topic. I did not set up a new WORDPRESS account, but rather changed the email address in this account. Why can’t I have several web sites under one account each with different emails? I think that requires a higher level of cost?? Good topic for discussion Thanks.

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