Splitting Blog – what fun!!

Well, I did play around with trying to split my blog into separate menu entries. I added a category called TalkArt and then added a post and assigned that post to that category. I then modified the menu to include the TalkArt category as a primary menu item.

The most difficult part to figure out was, the menu update. When I simply went out to the menu and added the category TalkArt to the menu and saved it, nothing happened on the site itself.

I had to go into APPEARANCE, EDITOR and then replace the actual menu item in the header with the updated menu. If I failed to do this step, the menu changes were not activated.

There will be more to come of this effort as the approach I took results in the TalkArt Post appearing under both of the current blog menu items. In order to avoid that I would have to add another category; assign each of my previous blog entries to that new category, the update the menu so that the original blog page is deleted from the menu and the new category added. That would result in 2 menu items, each of which is a category and each of which has only the entries with that specific category displayed.

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