Aligning Images with Posts (Mixed Block Formats) and the PREVIEW button failure

Well, I discovered something today that did cause me some consternation until I finally accidentally fell into a partial solution. Kind of long story, so stick with me on this.

I had been using my sister as a ‘user’, but she needed a nap, so I decided to use my own, pretty new Galaxy phone to view my posts. I’d been viewing my posts only on my desktop, and/or through the PREVIEW button for Tablet and Mobile at the top of the POST page.

OK, so I had two posts that included an ‘Image’ block that I had ‘Aligned’ left of the text/verse blocks. On my desktop I liked the way they looked.

The PREVIEW Mobile showed me the text wrapped to meet the skinny mobile window. HOWEVER, when I viewed these posts on my Galaxy, Oh Oh the text did not wrap. In other words, the viewer could see the image and read part of the text but not all of the text.

So, I spent the next 1/2 and hour trying to find a way to incorporate the image and text so that the mobile user could read them

Then I discovered, even if I deleted the image, the text had to be truncated in the block in order for the mobile user to read it all, even though the PREVIEW window showed it wrapped.

Frustration grew… So I plopped my phone down on my desk, rather rudely.

When it landed, the phone fell sideways. Ohhhhh… When I turned my phone to wider view rather than the skinny view, the text is more complete.

Whew. So, the PREVIEW window is incorrect. The Mobile text does not wrap, at least on my Galaxy. What a lot of fuss for very little value, but at least now I know.

I added the images back. Happy with the desktop view and hope my mobile viewers will think to turn their phones sideways. Or I’ll just have to force my text into smaller margins. Lesson learned for now.,,

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