Pages with Category and Tag plugin

Today I went through my blog entries and updated each of the entries with tags and included each one in a category. This is my temporary solution for the fact that I could not figure out how to turn on sub-menus in this template.

Then I realized I did not know how to add tags to my Pages. In particular I wanted my IMAGES page to have tags for art entries.

So I searched for help with WORDPRESS pages, tags and categories and discovered there’s a free plug-in if your subscription level on is high enough.

I downloaded the plug in and I was then able to add tags to my IMAGE page. Given I am currently using categories to separate my blog posts I did not want to confuse myself by assigning a category to anything other than my blog posts.

When I refreshed my blog page, the only different I felt on my IMAGES pages was that it was a little bit slower to load.

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