Where Oh Where did my Follow Button Go?

Oh Where oh Where can it be? (You may hum along if you wish)

I know it was there when I first built my website, jansmatters.com, because I have 1 follower who did so just days after I built the site.

I did a search and found a WORDPRESS forum on the topic. The original submitter finally decided she had to add a ‘subscriber block’ plugin. The final word on that stream was that you have to have two posts before the follow button appears. That comment does not exactly jell with my experience because I have multiple posts and 1 person was able at some point to follow?

However, I have broken my posts up by category because (as I wrote about in other talktech category entries) I wanted drop down menus but could not figure out how to make my template acknowledge that feature through the menu approach. So, I thought, OK I need two posts per category.

Today I added posts to the two categories that previously only had one.


So I suspect I will have to try a widget (see link below) or go back and ask for help in how to split my blog by drop down menus. I have not given up. Just retreating until another day.

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